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Choosing A Christmas Tree

Christmas trees come in many varieties, shapes, sizes and shades of green. For this reason, you should shop for your tree only in the daytime. The shape and size of the tree that you select will depend on where you plan to place it and the height of the ceiling in your home. Some people want a slender tree, like a Fir or Cypress, while others prefer a fuller tree like a Spruce or Pine.

Christmas tree growers prune their trees each year, so that they develop certain growth characteristics. It is desirable for a Christmas tree to have a well-rounded base or “skirt” and a dense, conical shape. Every tree must have a straight “leader” at the top, to support a star, angel or other tree topper. The trunk of a Christmas tree should be straight, so that the tree will stand straight and be well balanced. The bottom of a Christmas tree trunk must be clear of all branches to a height of 12 inches. This part of the trunk is called the “handle”, as it is used for carrying the tree and for supporting the Christmas tree, once it is inserted into your tree stand.

Although most people prefer a well-rounded and shapely tree, you may find it more practical and economical to buy one that is somewhat flat or sparsely branched on one side, so that it fits into a corner or against a wall. Whatever tree you select, follow these guidelines to make sure that your tree is fresh:

When selecting that perfect Christmas tree for your home, keep in mind the advantages of buying your tree at a Delaware Christmas tree farm. When you buy from a local grower, you know that you are getting the freshest tree possible, and that it will provide many hours of enjoyment for you and your family throughout the holiday season.

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