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There are only 162 days until Christmas!


Greetings and Welcome to the Delaware Christmas Tree Growers' Association (DCTGA) website. DCTGA is a group of people joined together for the purpose of improving the practices of growing and promoting the sale of Christmas trees and related products, and for educating DCTGA members and the general public regarding the benefits of growing Christmas trees.

The summer is quickly slipping away, as we lose two minutes of daylight each day. Mother Nature is telling us that Fall is approaching and Delaware Christmas Tree Growers are working hard to finish pruning and shearing our trees, so they will be ready for the Christmas season.

This summer brought Delaware a lot of sunshine and rain-both necessary for good tree growth. However, sun and rain also makes weeds and grass grow! Delaware Christmas tree farmers have been busy controlling the weeds and cutting the grass, so that their trees are not harmed by the competition for nutrients, which are in the soil. By cutting down the competing weeds and grass growers assure that their trees have adequate air circulation and nutrients they need to grow.

Did you know that Christmas trees provide us with many benefits? For example...
* They beautify our home landscapes and our communities.
* They provide shade and protection from sun and wind as windbreaks. By planting evergreens around our homes, we can reduce air conditioning and heating costs.
* They prevent soil erosion, because their root systems hold the soil in place. This is especially helpful on slopes, berms, and hills.
* The roots of evergreen trees filter groundwater and improve our water quality.
* Evergreen trees improve the soils in which they grow. As their roots spread out, they aerate the soil.
* Trees purify our air by catching and absorbing carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight, and then releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.
* Christmas trees provide habitat for many creatures.
* Christmas trees brighten and beautify our homes during our Christmas celebrations.

Delaware Christmas Tree Growers interact positively with our environment, because through our efforts our Christmas trees provide all of the benefits that are listed above.

This year come out to visit our farms and enjoy selecting your own special Christmas tree! Find the farm closest to you by going to our website. All farms will be following the health guidelines provided by the Delaware Dept. of Agriculture and the Dept. of Health.
Please wear your masks.

On behalf of all DCTGA members, we wish you and your family a very Blessed Christmas!